I started in the world of fanlistings back in 1999. I've used many domains over the years, peccath.com, chaosprophechy.com, hell-yes.net and now, brokensoul.net. I moved everything to this domain around 2007. In April 2008 I got some kind of bug up my arse and decided to combine all of my sites into one [archaius.com (collective) and justbroken.com (screen caps)]. That lasted about a year and I never really did get the screen caps up and running again. So, August 2009 I just conceded failure and decided to drop the rest of the stuff on the site and just stick to it being a fanlisting collective. I also decided to switch to using SiteSkin. That means there are no longer "past layouts" but I have included layouts from previous version before the SiteSkin was installed.


This domain was purchased via register.com and later transferred to godaddy.com. Hosting is with unitedhosting.co.uk. Designed using Notepad, Wordpad, and Dreamweaver. Graphics made with Photoshop.


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If you want to see how domain crazed I am, see the full list of domains that I own or once owned.

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